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Hi, I'm Denise.


I'm an urbanist, audio artist, writer, and lover of cities. Trained as a landscape architect, I'm working on this audio-storytelling project alongside my first novel, a fictional portrait of Canadian cities.

I've been focused on shaping, and advocating for, inclusive, citizen-led initiatives for nearly a decade. The past four years, have been an absolute labour of love, at the helm of a global phenomenon called Jane's Walk, in which neighbours give each other walking tours of their cities, share stories, and connect face-to-face.

I've also had the good fortune to sit in rooms with beautiful minds and steward a few incredible civic initiatives, holding board positions at Open Streets Toronto, Walk Toronto, MABELLEarts, Jane100, and at Ground Magazine, where I still frequently contribute.

In 2016, I was chuffed to be named a Vital Person by the Toronto Foundation, in part because I believe that everyone has the power to transform their city for the better.

I'm fond of talking about the importance of connected communities, and over the years have been invited to keynote in Vienna, Hong Kong, and Chicago, but at this point in my work am finding myself dedicated to being a more active listener. Want to chat with me on your local bus? Drop me a line:

Also find me on social media: